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Pet Travel: Terms and Conditions

“Pet Travel UK” will be known herein after in the terms and conditions below as “The Company

Please read the terms and conditions below carefully and be aware that when placing an order with the company you are agreeing to accept and fully abide by them.

Pet Travel Rules From France or Spain to UK  For a dog or cat to travel back to the United Kingdom from an EU country the customer will need some specific paperwork as listed in items 1 – 6 below.

  •  A current EU pet passport. Each pet travelling must have been issued with its own EU pet passport by a registered vet. This must be signed dated and stamped with the vet’s official company stamp.
  • The pet must have been micro chipped. Your pet must have been micro chipped before any of the other procedures required for pet travel are carried out. Make sure the microchip number of the chip inserted in the pet is the same as the number written in the pet passport. (please get the vet to scan the microchip to make sure it is correct) also make sure the date of micro chipping is also completed in the pet passport.
  • All pets must be covered by a rabies vaccination. After the microchip has been fitted your pet must be vaccinated against rabies. There is no exemption to this requirement, even if your pet has a current rabies vaccination. Rabies boosters must be kept up to date and not allowed to expire even for one day.
    The length of the waiting period before entry to the UK is 21 days after the rabies vaccination date. A waiting period is not required for subsequent entries into the UK. Rabies boosters must be up to date or a further rabies vaccination will be required and another 21 days waiting time will be required. If the vaccination is in two parts the 21 day wait will start from the date of the second vaccination.
  • Rabies blood test rules for pets have changed.  A blood test is no longer required for entry into the UK.
  • Tick, flea and worm treatment. Tapeworm treatment – (dogs only): before entering the UK, all pet dogs (including assistance dogs) must be treated for tapeworm. The treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (1-5 days) before its scheduled arrival time in the UK. There is no longer a mandatory requirement for tick treatment. Worm treatments must be carried out by a registered veterinary surgeon and recorded by the the vet in the pet passport with the date and time administered. These treatments vary from vet to vet, some use tablets and others use injections. It is also always advisable to keep the pets treated against the ticks and fleas for their own wellbeing. Even if you have kept your pet up to date with the worm treatments you pet will still have to be treated again by the vet otherwise entry will not be allowed into the UK.
  • General health check. It is advisable to get a general health check carried out on your pet by a vet just to make sure all is well with your pet for the travel. There is a section in the very back of the pet passport for a general health check so get the vet to carry this out when you go to him to get the tick, flea and worm treatment done. These health check details also need to be recorded in the pet passport then signed and stamped by the vet.

Pet Travel Rules From UK to France & Spain  For a dog or cat to travel to an EU country the customer will need some specific paperwork called an Animal Health Certificate or AHT from your vet to be able to travel. Contact your vet at least 4 months before travel for more information.

Please Note

Passport Mistakes & Corrections on a pet passport will be a serious problem unless they have been corrected, signed, dated then officially stamped over by the vet involved. No crossing out, changing of dates or tippex corrections will be allowed on the pet passport unless this has been carried out. Be very careful when visiting your vet that this does not happen as it will mean that the pet will be not be able to travel into the UK.

If the pet passport does not comply with the points above we regret that we will not be able to carry the animal under the Pet Travel Scheme. When planning your return journey on any of our routes, please give careful consideration to the timing of the tick and tapeworm treatment. Distressing and very expensive difficulties can arise if things go wrong and return travel will be jeopardized. Where possible the company will help the customer by checking the pet passport and informing them of the exact dates and times of the treatments to be entered by the vet on the pet passports. If the customer is arranging their own travel treatments the company will not be held responsible or accept any claims for any mistakes made on the pet passport. It is the customers own responsibility to make sure with their vet that everything is correct as mistakes can be very expensive and will delay ferry travel.

To help the customer Pet Travel UK offers a Spanish veterinary collection and delivery service for our customers. We charge 60€ per pet for this service (depending on distance). For the 60€’s per pet we will collect your pet from your home take it to a local vet and get the pet passport checked, the tick flea and worm treatments administered and get a general health check carried out. The company will then guarantee the pets will be OK for travel.

Please Remember:

No pet will be allowed back in to the United Kingdom unless it has had a rabies vaccination

Important Note:

Some customers seem the think that if their pet passport is not correct their pet will be held in quarantine in England until it is sorted out. Please take note that is not the case as the pet passports are checked at the departure ports in Spain or France before leaving and at the English port on arrival. The port officials are very strict. If there are any problems with the microchip, rabies vaccinations and worm treatments or any corrections on the passport the pet will not be allowed to board the ship to travel and will be left behind in a kennels or a cattery. The customer will then be responsible for any kennel fees and the collection costs incurred. This is very expensive and very awkward for the company. Please make sure you allow us to check the passports before we leave for the ferry. When taking your pet to the vet worm treatments make sure the vet carries out a medical examination of the pet to make sure it is fit to travel, especially if your pet is on medication or elderly.

Owners Travelling With Their Pets. If a customer wishes to travel with their pet in one of the company vehicles then they can do so free of charge (subject to availability). The customer is required to cover the cost of their own ticket and cabin on the ferry and pay for any overnight hotel stops that may be required as these costs would not be included in any price quoted. Customers who travel with their pets do so at their own risk and as a goodwill gesture by the company. No insurance cover is in place or implied for owners travelling on the journey with their pets. Any pet owners may also be sharing the vehicle with other pet owners. No guarantee whatsoever will be given to sole use of the vehicle unless notified in writing beforehand. Owners traveling with their pets form no part of any agreement between the customer and the company. No charge is made for this service therefore no claims whatsoever will be accepted by company for any problems relating to this travel.

Exercise Breaks. During the journey the vehicle driver will take regular pre-planned exercise stops to allow the dogs and their owners, if travelling to stretch their legs etc. If no owners are present then the vehicle driver will walk the dog(s).

Cats Travelling. During the journey any cats will always remain within the vehicle in a large pet cage. This will accommodate food & water bowls, a litter tray and a bed for their comfort.

Pet Food & Accessories. The vehicle driver will feed the animals as per the owner’s instruction. To prevent stomach upsets when travelling all food required for the pets journey must be supplied by the owners. If any medication is required on the journey, that must also be supplied by the owner. The company will supply all drink, beds, leads, collars, cat litter and trays for the journey if required.

Vehicles. Where possible the company always tries to use one of its air conditioned vehicles especially in the summer months. This is not always possible and the company reserves the right to use other non-air conditioned vehicles for carrying pets. Unless otherwise stated in the company order confirmation or the customer has booked an individual one to one service the vehicles are not guaranteed for sole use and more than one customer may travel together on a journey.

Goods and Belongings.  If a customer has belongings to move, as well as wanting to accompany their pets then we will use our (petmobile) for the journey. This is a specially adapted van with extra seats and windows fitted for the customers comfort. The pets can travel in the pet compartment in the rear of the vehicle. This is a specially adapted low light area and fitted with air flow conditions to keep the pets cool even in hot summer.

The company will need to know the exact details and volume in advance of the belongings the customer wishes to take with them on the journey. Space for goods is limited on that vehicle and a maximum volume of 1.0 cubic metres is allowed. If that volume is exceeded, all of, or the remaining excess of goods will travel separately on another vehicle. If when we collect the customer we find they have more goods than we were informed of, the remaining goods will be left behind or collected at a later date at an extra cost. One average suitcase and one overnight bag is acceptable luggage for a person travelling with no other goods.

Payments. No credit facility will be offered to the customer unless it has been previously arranged, with all the usual credit checks carried out and an offer confirmed in writing beforehand by the company. Payments to the company can be made by giving cash to the driver, by paying online or over the telephone with a credit/debit card. Payments can also be made directly into our company bank account, either by online banking or paying in cash at your nearest Barclays Bank branch.

  • Before any advance booking can be confirmed a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost must be paid.
  • No collection or delivery dates will be confirmed until a full deposit has been received.
  • The remaining 50% balance payment must be paid in cash on the day of collection.

For short notice jobs any outstanding balance must be paid to the driver in cash at the time of collection. Euro cash payments will be converted at a rate that will guarantee the company the full outstanding amount when changed back into Pounds Sterling. Cheque on delivery will never be accepted by the company as a form of payment. (Unless previously arranged).  Cash for any extras can be paid to the driver at the time of collection. Because of the companies work programming schedules and new customer enquiries, any deposits paid to the company are non-refundable so it is important that the customer is completely happy with the moving dates and travel arrangements before confirming the order with a deposit payment.

Collection and Delivery Dates Collection and delivery dates are given by the company in good faith at the time of any quotation or subsequent order. The company will always do its upmost to complete the work on these dates. Road travel delays, breakdowns, and other unforeseen delays can be unavoidable when travelling long distances therefore the company will not be held responsible for any such delays. In some circumstances if it is in the customers best interests the company reserves the right to employ other approved outside delivery companies to complete its work. The company will not accept any order cancellations, any claims for loss or delays due to such problems or changes.

Order Cancellations.  Deposits paid by customers are non refundable so before placing an order with our company please carefully read our terms & conditions of business on the website.We assume that all customers placing orders have read the terms & conditions and agree to abide by them.

Please note. Any deposits paid to the company are non refundable because the pet trip or collection will be scheduled and other work turned away for that same trip.
Ferry or tunnel crossings are also paid for out of the deposit payment. Please make sure you, your pet or your goods are definitely able to be moved before paying a deposit.

If a job is cancelled by the customer for any reason and a ferry crossing has been booked or any work at all has been started then a fee will be deduced from the any balance paid (equivalent to any costs incurred by ourselves) If the deposit received from the customer does not cover the costs incurred by the company the customer will be invoiced for the remaining amount. If a job is cancelled within 60 days of the intended travel date no monies at all will be refunded to the customer (this is because other work will have been turned away that could have been carried out on the same dates).

Ferry Crossings. Unless a alternative route is requested by the customer where possible the company will endeavour to use the Brittany Ferries Plymouth/Portsmouth to Santander/Bilbao crossing when in operation. Because of the limited number of pet kennels and pet friendly cabins available on this route early booking is advised. If no space is available on those routes the company reserves the right to use other ferry routes through France without further notice. Without advance booking and a deposit paid no particular travel route can be guaranteed and no claims whatsoever will be accepted by the company for losses or delays caused by travel on a different ferry.

Overnight Hotel Stops. Whilst travelling to or from a ferry port an overnight hotel stop may be required. When possible we will use a selection of pet friendly hotels. Availability in these hotels may not always be guaranteed unless early prior notice is given. The customer will always be responsible for the hotel cost unless confirmed in writing before the start on the journey.

Important Note

Tobacco Products, Alcohol & Restricted Goods. The British customs have introduced very sophisticated x-ray machines that can pick up humans, alcohol, tobacco, weapons and drugs. Please note that the company is not able to carry alcohol, tobacco, weapons or any other restricted goods on the customer’s behalf, either in the vehicle or packed inside boxes the vehicle. If a customer is accompanying their pet on the journey then they are able to carry their own legal tobacco and drink allowances. If any of these goods are found in the customers belongings by customs and the owner is not traveling with their pet then the owner of the goods will be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by the company. The customer may be liable for a fine or prosecution and have the goods confiscated.

The company assumes the customer has read and fully understands the terms and conditions above. If there is anything you are unclear about please ring the head office in Spain on 960 130 537 to discuss the matter.

Last modification was made: 15th June 2021.

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