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      Removals, Deliveries
      and Storage

      Spanish Moves covers the whole of the UK and Spain on a very regular basis. We specialise in smaller removals, small deliveries and business stock logistics.

      Whether it is just a few boxes to move or a full house removal we pride ourselves on our personal and efficient door to door moving service.

      We work in cooperation with Pet Travel UK therefore it helps customers coordinate pet travel and removals with one telephone call.

      You can rely on Spanish Moves to make your move go smoothly and most importantly hassle free from start to finish. The company can also help you with all the paperwork required by the Spanish and UK customs.

      Spanish Moves for your removal needs


      House Removal


      Small Deliveries

      Spanish Moves has vehicles between Spain and the UK every week so we are also able to take on regular collections and deliveries of stock etc. for small businesses. Call us for details.


      Our Vehicles


      The company uses Luton box vans, normal panel vans like Mercedes Sprinters, etc. as well as 7.5 ton lorries. We can also have the use of articulated lorries when needed so we can undertake any removal.



      Packing Service

      spanish_moves_boxFor the customers who do not want to do their own packing Spanish Moves can also offer a full packing service if required. We can even supply the boxes and all the packing materials required to do the job.





      Storage Facilities

      Many people worry because they have a houseful of goods to move and a time delay before moving into a new property with nowhere to store their treasured belongings.

      To help our customers over this problem we have arranged secure storage facilities in England and Spain which alleviates this situation. Not only can we collect and deliver the customers belongings at any time to suit but we can also store any amount of goods until they are required at the new destination.

      As soon as a new home is ready we can, at short notice deliver the goods from the storage to the new home as required.

      The customer will have access to stored goods at any time as long as we have 24hrs notice to arrange access.

      We have high security, low cost storage facilities in Catral, Alicante, Spain – Camborne, Cornwall, and in Eversley, Hampshire, England.

      Storage costs are calculated on a weekly rate of £1.50 per cubic metre for small amounts of goods. For larger storage requirements a 35 cubic metre container is available for £35.00 per week for. Special prices are available on long periods of storage.

      Other Services & Prices

      The advantage to our customers of using Spanish Moves to move their belongings is that we can also take care of every aspect of a relocation if required. We can move your furniture and goods for you but with our many working associates we can even arrange the pet travel and even the transporting your family car on a car transporter. All this with one phone call.

      Being a smaller company our running costs are less so we can pass on those savings to our clients. This keeps the our removal prices down compared to the larger companies. Spanish Moves understands that in the present financial climate price is just as important as an excellent service , We have streamlined our company overheads therefore we can keep our price as low to all our customers all the time.

      Moving Day Checklist!

      On the day before the goods are to be collected please make sure you have carried out the actions below. This will make things easier for the driver and make sure your goods are identified easier at the time of delivery.


      Make sure you have everything safely packed in boxes or bags and securely taped up. Please write a reminder on every box of  goods packed inside so you will know what’s inside when they are delivered. No loose unpacked items will be carried because of the risk of breakages.


      Please make two lists of all items being moved. One for your records and the other for the driver.


      Write your surname on all items with a black marker pen. Do not just stick a label on the item and write your name on it. Labels mostly just fall off when being moved. If marking furniture stick some wide tape on the back of the item then write your name on that.


      Have all your goods (boxes, bags and small items) packed and ready by the door to be loaded onto the van when the driver arrives. Obviously this does not apply to larger furniture items.


      When the the driver arrives at your property he will need to park his van as close as possible to be able to load the goods. Where possible please try to keep a parking space clear outside the property. If there are parking difficulties please notify the company beforehand.  If this is the case we may consequently have to make other arrangements for loading. We may find late evening or early morning loading is easier.

      Spainish Office:
      Tel: 960 130 537
      Calle Triton, Torrevieja
      03183, Alicante, Spain

      Telephones UK:
      Cornwall 01209 630604
      Devon 01271 221489

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