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Dorothy – Oliva/Chesterfield

26th June 2017. I enjoyed the trip back to Chesterfield even though the first day through Spain was a long drive, but we did arrive at the Aurea Hotel in Saintes France at about 8.30pm just in time to get something to eat and drink. I understand we had to do so many miles that day so we could make the afternoon ferry to Portsmouth the next day. The pet friendly hotel was perfect and my continental breakfast the next morning was good. Jenny seemed to enjoy and cope well with the trip and there was no after effects for her. I will never be going back to Spain again but I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks very much.

Jenny & Wilf – Torremendo/Selby

15th September 2017. just a quick not to say thanks very much for taking us and the cat back to Selby to start our new life. We were a bit apprehensive about the long journey through France but it all worked out very well in the end. Thank you so much.
Wilf & Jenny

David & Lynn, Bolton to Mojacar

Thanks Tim for a very enjoyable trip and a wonderful pet friendly hotel stop on the way down. See you in July for the journey home. “

Sally – Javea/Hove

19th November 2018 Hi Tim.  Just to say I hope you are having a well deserved rest. I heard from Linda. You really had a dreadful trip not only with the French tax demonstrations but also such a long trip to Glasgow after dropping me. Thank you very much for taking Poppy and I home. We are now settling into life back here.  Nursing a really bad cold.  I hope yours was not to bad.  I will be in touch when we have more news of Brexit. Happy Christmas when it comes.  All the best Sally

Carol – Camposol/Bedworth

2nd November 2017. Tim. here is a little poem Scruffy wrote for you.

My mummy Carol and I met our new friend Tim,
He took us home to England without squeezing us in.
We ate and drank in comfort as we sailed across the sea,
My mummy even had time to enjoy a lovely tea.
The next time we go a traveling, from door to door,
We will always use Pet Travel UK, that’s for sure.
Scruffy the dog.

Thanks Tim it was a very relaxing trip for both Scruffy and me, in the car and on the ferry crossing.
I hope to see you again. Kind Regards Carol.

Jackie – Gandia/ Southampton

16th May 2018. Hi Tim. I could not email you before as I only had my internet connected yesterday.
Thank you for a very pleasant journey back to the UK from Spain. As you know I was very worried about transporting Skye that distance, but the whole escape went very well and I felt at ease the whole journey. I would recommend you to anyone who would like to ship their pets to Spain from England or visa versa and I do not feel the service could be improved in any way.
We have settled into our new house in Locks Heath and love it already although it is like camping at the moment until my furniture is delivered on Tuesday. Regards Jackie

Molly – Los Balcones/Chiswick

12th October 2016. Woof Woof. Thanks Tim for looking after me well on the way back from Los Balcones. I had plenty of walks and slept on a nice comfy hotel bed on the way home. I was glad to get home and see my mummy. Woof woof

Dougie – Stithians/Los Dolses

18th February 2019.  Many thanks Tim for taking me, Merlin my Yorkie and all my goods back to Los Dolses, Oriheula Costa last week. As usual the trip home and back again to Spain was very relaxing and enjoyable. The overnight hotel in the Sourceo Hotel in St Paul Les Dax was absolutely brilliant as before. See you soon I’am sure. Cheers Dougie.

Annamarie – Altea/Falmouth

2nd November 2017. Hi Tim, I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of myself and my 2 doggies. You were so kind and efficient which took the worry out of the whole journey. I can never thank you enough, it felt like a family holiday with the beautiful overnight pet friendly hotel stop at the Castejon Hotel.
Many, many, many thanks. Annamarie

Sally & Poppy – Javea/ Hove

7th December 2019.  Hi Tim hope you got home safely after the long journey.. Poppy and I have settled back into life in Hove. Just to say thank you for bringing us back home safely again. Hope you have a nice rest and wishing you and your family a happy Christmas. All the best Sally

Ian – Oldham to Torrevieja

25th July 2019. Thank you so much Tim for sorting my two very big dogs out for me. The kids are made up now they have them here with them.

Georgia – Torrevieja/Hull

14th May 2018. Thanks Tim for taking us back to our daddy in Hull. Even though mummy was not there you looked after us very carefully even in the hotel at night. The goods arrived safely last week. Thanks for everything Georgia.

Brian & Louise – Totness

12th March 2013. ” Hello Tim, thanks very much for the trip down to La Manga recently with me Louise and the two dogs. We were apprehensive about the trip before we started but as soon as we got underway all our worries had gone away. Your driving was very good and you were very understand of all of our needs throughout the whole journey. The Portsmouth to Caen ferry crossing went very well with the dogs in the car. No problems at all. Both Louise and I very much enjoyed the hotel stopover in the Bed4U Hotel in Castejon and the food was absolutely fabulous. The dogs settled well in the hotel room but they did sleep on the bed as usual. I will use you again and recommend you to all my friends. Very Kind Regards. Brian. “

Catherine – Didcot/Javea

19th July 2019. Thank you Tim for a great service at a great price. Very impressed. Regards Catherine

Barbara – La Marina/Brough

20th January 2019. Hello Tim. I thought I would send a few words of thanks and let you know that my dog Monty was very calm, happy and settled since you delivered him back to us in Brough from La Marina, Alicante. I can see from the pictures you sent me on route he did enjoy his trip with you. Many thanks again and I will always recommend you to anyone who asks me about your service.  Regards Barbara


Brian & Jan – Ondara/Ashford

7th September 2019  Tim Just letting you know that we were very glad we accepted your quotation for the journey back to Ashford. I know it was a bit difficult for you with me having severe mobility problems and a wheel chair in tow.  With you walking the dog for us and the beautiful hotel stops on the way to the tunnel, it made the trip a pleasure not a problem for us. Good luck after Brexit. Regards Brian.

Carol – Yeovil/San Fulgencio

12th February 2018. Thanks Tim. The trip back home to Spain with Ellie was wonderful and seemed like a mini break with the two pet friendly hotel stops. I think Ellie enjoyed the trip, the many walks on route and she was no worse for wear when we got back home. See you on the way back later in the year.

Sue & Dave – Crewe to Torrevieja

Hi Tim,
We have just got our Internet installed and I wanted to thank you for a great trip down. We are nearly all sorted now, but many thanks again for a stress free journey and all your advice.

Carol and Stephen – Hornchurch/Quesada

10th November 2018. Good Morning Tim. Thank you very very much for delivering our Ozzie safely to Spain and giving him the care that you gave him. We wish you best wishes for Christmas and safe journeys back and forth. We will obviously keep your number. Stephen and Carol

Linda – Daya Neuva/Cambuslang

19th November 2018. Hiya Tim, thank you so much again for getting us back home to Scotland safe and sound. Both the dogs and i enjoyed the long trip.  Hope your journey back to Cornwall went well, thanks again and I will keep you in mind if anyone asks me.

Julia & Lula – Torrevieja/St Osyth

Morning Tim. Hopefully you had a good journey back home the other night and you got there safely at a reasonable time, Barry and I  can’t thank you enough for our stress free journey across from Spain. Please just relax now and enjoy your time at home with Ann and the dogs, Lula seems to have settled in nicely with no problems in her new home. Take care of yourself and we wish lots of luck with Pet Travel UK in the future. Keep in touch with us from time to time. Julia & Barry XX

Peter & Pat – Los Balcones/Edinburgh

21st July 2013. Tim. Just a quick note to say thank you so very much for taking us and all our worldly goods back to Edinburgh.  Our very large dog seemed to enjoy the trip back and because of the special care you gave he arrived back in Scotland safe and sound and no worse for the 1600 mile trip. Because of our age etc. we will never be going back to Spain again, but if we were we would use you again. Thanks again for your special care. Regards Peter, Pat and Bert the dog.

Heather – La Marina to Stafford

30th July 2019. Just a quick note to say thanks so much for bringing me and my little dog Simon back from Spain on the Eurotunnel to start my new life in England. I would recommend your services to anyone who asks me about pet travel. He has settled really well.  Thanks again. Heather

Dave & Lynn – Bolton/Mojacar

1st March 2017. Thanks for the return home. Its a long way through France but you made it very pleasant with all the stops and the overnight Hotel du Lac in France. See you in February for the journey back on the Santander ferry. Kind Regards Dave& Lynn

Sean – Coventry/Torrevieja

15th January 2019. Hi Tim sorry I did not write sooner but my computer was down for nearly two months. Thanks for the trip back to Coventry with Bert. He enjoyed the trip I think because he was with me all the way. I wasn’t sure how he would be during the journey but he was not any worse for wear when we got back. If things don’t work out for me here I will call you again to take me back to La Mata again. Say hello to Maureen for me when you see her.


Frances – Burnham on Sea/Los Balcones

10th March 2017. “Very enjoyable trip for me and the boys! looking forward to the return trip in December. Many thanks Tim”

Richard – Benissa/Burnley

Thanks Tim for taking me back to Burnley with the dog. All went well as expected and I will recommend you when the need arises. Cheers Richard

Olivia – Benidorm/Leeds

15th October 2014. Just a quick not to say thanks for the trip home with my dog. I thought it would have been quite a difficult trip for me with my problems but it all worked out very well indeed. Would definitely use you again but I will never be going back to Spain as I am too old now. Thanks for everything.

Mandy & David – Leicester to Javea

27th June 2019. Hello Tim we cannot thank you enough for taking such great care of Gibson our excitable Labrador Retriever on the trip from Leicester to Javea, Spain. You really offer your customers a professional friendly Service. Gibson certainly looked up to you. Thanks again Mandy & David and we will definitely highly recommend Spanish Moves & Pet Travel to all our friends.

Pat – Maidstone/La Marina

10th November 2018. Thanks for my trip down to La Marina the other day with Bob my Jack Russell. We both enjoyed the trip and stopovers  and would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks. Thanks very much. Pat

Pat and Peter – Quesada/Stockport

14th January 2018. Tim. We are all settled in again now back in our home town stockport. Both of us and the dogs are no worse for our trip home. It was a long way up through France buy we did enjoy it even though it seemed a long way in a car. You did very well and kept us safe and sound. The overnight stop in St Paul Les Dax was very enjoyable. May be we will see you again sometime if you are passing Stockport. Regards Pat and Peter

Linda – Castejon/Norwich

15 April 2018. Hello Tim just a very quick note about my trip back to Norwich. The cat was fine and I enjoyed the Spanish ferry trip very much. Thanks again Linda.

Valerie – Quesada/ Jersey

Tim. I thought I would j write to tell you that both Tony and I really enjoyed the trip up from Quesada to Jersey. The overnight hotels on route were brilliant and just as we expected after looking at your website. The two meals we all had together on the way were just gorgeous aas I don’t normally like French food. The dogs seemed to be no worse for wear after the long journey. and It was lovely to have both the dogs with me on the back seat of the car throughout the whole trip. It was a long time in the car but the time seemed to fly as we had fun on the way. Thanks very much. Valerie and Tony

Shirley & Luggs – Los Balcones to Halesowen

7th December 2019 – Dear Tim I am very sorry that it has taken me a while to write but the whole getting back to Halesowen has been very difficult for me. I just wanted to say a big thank you for bringing me and Luggs back to the UK. The way it was all organised meant that I and particularly Luggs arrived relaxed  and not stressed at all. The journey was very enjoyable, particularly because of your wealth or knowledge of the area we traveled through and best places to stop at. I also enjoyed the stories en route. I will certainly be in touch to travel this way with you again and I will continue to recommend you to others that wish to travel with their pets.
I would like to wish you, your family and all the dogs a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.. Many thanks Shirley

Terry & Gloria – Algorfa/Bournmouth

15th January 2015. Hello Tim. Just a quick line to say thank you very much for the trip back to Bournemouth. Very comfortable and many stops on the way up to Caen in France. We both enjoyed it even though it was a long time travelling. Thanks Terry

Sue – Torrevieja to March

Dear Tim
Thank you so much for looking after Mollie the cat so well on the journey back from Spain. She has settled in so quickly and is eating and drinking well and dipping into the dog’s food too which is normal for her. The dog nicks her food as well. Can you please let Alan have our landline number for the delivery of the goods now we are back.  Cheers Sue W-P

David & Lucille – Torrevieja/Barnstaple

15th June 2017. Thanks Tim we enjoyed the trip back to Barnstaple with Sky our parrot. There were no problems at all and we all got home safe and sound. You never know we may go back to Spain again one day. Thanks again David and Lucille

Gloria – Torrevieja/Taunton

14th May 2016. Thanks again Tim for another trip home from Torrevieja. I enjoyed the journey and all the hotel stops on the way back to Taunton as always. I will see you in March for my next excursion down to Torrevieja. Gloria

Stephen – Birmingham/Torrevieja

2nd September 2017. A few words of thanks. It was a bit unfortunate when the Spanish car hit us up the back on the way down but luckily no-one was hurt and we were able to carry on down to Torrevieja as planned. The cats we no worse for wear after the trip. If I need transporting again I will definitely use you again. Pop over to the pub for a drink sometime when you are near Carrefour again. Cheers Stephen.

Julie – Torrevieja/Southampton

7th January 2017. Thanks for taking my three dogs back to Southampton. I understand my big boy was not used to car travel but the trip went very well with no problems whatsoever. I am so grateful and I will certainly use you again.

Ingrid – Javea/Canterbury

3rd October 2012. Thanks Tim for taking me to Kent and back to Javea again. I understood it would be more of a challenge for me whilst traveling with my goods but it all worked out well.  Next year I will not need to move the goods so we can go back to traveling the the comfortable car again. Pop in when you are next near Javea for a cup of tea. Regards Ingrid

Sally – Javea/Hove

12th December 2017. Tim, just a quick note to thanks for bringing me back to Hove. I enjoyed the trip very much and Poppy seem to really like you and the trip back so you have a new doggy pal there. I will see you next year for another return trip if all works out for me. Thank again

Gloria Amor, Taunton

21st March 2016. ” Thanks again Tim for my trip down to Torrevieja, It is more like a holiday than a pet transportation. Beautiful hotel and delicious food on the journey. See you on the return trip in May “

Paul & Debbie – Aldershot / Torrevieja

17 August 2019.  Hi Tim. Rabbits arrived safe and well after the journey down to to Spain with you. A big thank you and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs pet transport. Regards Paul

Anne – Harpenden/Villa Martin

2nd June 2014. Hello Tim. Just wanted to post you a quick thank you for the trip down to Torrevieja the other day. The return trip was just as good as the journey up from Spain in the bad weather. Everything went well and I enjoyed the hotel stopover in France and Pamplona on the way back. Thanks again. Anne

Margaret – Torrevieja/Birkenhead

15th December 2018. I thought I would write to to say thanks for the journey back to Birkenhead with Mollie. My bad leg did not help matters but everything ended up ok and the journey back was very comfortable and enjoyable. The Sourceo pet friendly hotel by the lake in France was absolutely fabulous. I am looking forward to getting back to my home in Spain as soon as my operation has been done. Have a good Christmas.

Ariadna – Fulham/Aguadulce

10th November 2018.  Hi Tim! Hope this finds you very well. Sorry haven’t got a chance to write you earlier as it’s been bit hectic since we got to Spain with the baby and Paco. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing service transporting and delivering our little pup Paco. We were a bit concerned about the wellbeing of the dog and the fact of being away from him throughout the journey but you treated him as good as we would have done.  He truly enjoyed very much the trip!
Thank you again, definitely will contact you again when coming back to the UK.

Laura & Mariana – London / Madrid

Hi Tim
Thank you for the trip from London, UK to Madrid, Spain taking my cat and myself safely. A door to door service, A smooth journey with friendly conversation and we arrived earlier than scheduled time.
Thanks Laura

Mary – La Marina/Bedford

18th February 2017. ” Hi Tim thank you so much for a really good journey over from Spain with my dogs and boxes. A friend in Spain has asked me for your number so I do hope you do not mind me passing this on to her. Thanks again so much. Mary “

Terry Buscombe – Truro

12th March 2016. Thanks Tim for taking Simba back to Truro for me again. I know he likes you very much because he always wants to get back into the vehicle when you bring him home. See you in September for the trip back to Alfas Del Pi. Cheers Terry

Ariadna – Aguadulce/London

15th August 2019. Thanks for everything again Tim. The trip back to London went as smoothly for Paco and the previous trip down. I had piece of mind knowing you were taking Paco and thanks for all the WhatsApp pictures on the way down. I hope you have a good evening and journey back to Cornwall. Regards Ariadna

Jayne – Sudbury/Camposol

22nd May 2018. Thanks for taking my dog Jake and cat Loopy down to Camposol for me. Everything was fine and neither were any worse for ware for their travels. When I need them moving again I will definitely be back in touch. Kind Regards.

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